Do you offer car finance without a licence?

This type of arrangement is usually seen as a higher risk because the individual who legally holds the financial commitment won’t be driving the car.

Do you offer car finance without a licence?


p>Yes, there are a small number of lenders who are prepared to provide car finance without a licence, and the good news is we have some of these on our panel of approved lenders. May I ask who will be driving the car? If it’s a partner, could they not apply for the finance in their own name? Another option would be to make a joint application for finance.

We understand that in some cases an adverse bd138 credit history may put the licence holding driver off making the application themselves, but it’s worth baring in mind that we have helped many people in this situation to obtain car finance. daftar bd138 Most lenders will ask for proof of a driving licence once an application has been accepted and before paperwork can be signed. In order to gain an acceptance for car finance with no licence you would have to have a pretty good credit rating.

Please make an application via our website and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your options in more detail, there’s no credit check and no obligation to accept any offer that we make.

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